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Content Specialists
making complicity

Series · Movies · Documentaries Consultants in production and commercialization of Transmedia Content

From genesis to sale

We accompany our partners from the origin of the idea, production, marketing and distribution.

Complicity & Synergy

Specialists in the integration of multidisciplinary teams to carry out transmedia audiovisual projects.

Methodology & Experience

We identify the commercial potential of the projects and minimum requirements to increase their viability.

We are looking for accomplices Do you have an idea or finished project?


We get involved from the center of content creation, giving priority to the idea and master script as the basis of everythingHence, we naturally link with Industry and Academia, both nationally and internationally, making a synergistic effect that will undoubtedly achieve unprecedented results.

Nuestro impacto va desde el inicio hasta el final de la cadena de valor.

Synergy and Integration = COMPLICITY

Our impact goes from the beginning to the end of the value chain.


On 2022 we'll launch a disruptive Financing and Co-Investment model focused in the DEVELOPMENT stage for films, series, documentaries, plays and transmedia content for Latin America and the World


Know Who + Show How

Through our acceleration methodology, we will identify and add the necessary talent to creatives, producers and even actors to promote the Content, obtaining the support of the required talent, and that the terms of our agreements are consistent with our financial forecasts.

Future Value to Present Value

Another of the key concepts for the success of our Fund is the VALUATION OF INTANGIBLES and the calculation of the future value, projected over 10 years brought to present value, signed and validated by our qualified valuation partner C.F.A. (Chartered Financial Analyst), as a tax and certainty strategy for investors.

Content Hunters

Analysis and Breakdown 

We are very sharp and analytical

More than 45 years of experience and multiple success stories (including failures) in various types of projects allow us to see values in simple ideas and anticipate situations where others only see obstacles, or even where warning signs are sometimes missed. The result of this initial stage of analysis, in many cases, makes all the difference.

Production / Realization

Presale & Hands to Work

From the validation of the idea or project in the previous stage, we generate a critical path that includes the realization of advance sale materials (pre-sale) that serve to attract resources and achieve the complicity of those involved as well as marketing elements that in many cases generate accelerated results.

Dissemination and Sale

Harvest and Consolidate

In Content Hunters We understand that it is just as important to materialize the two previous stages as the fact of completing the sale and expanding the projects to their maximum potential. This is where conventional projects are separated from our projects, and our commitment is to bring everything to the last consequence and according to plan.

"None of us is more creative than all together" Oriental proverb




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